Era of the Ninja


Players: 1-4

Time: 90-120 minutes

Age: 16+ (due to violent themes and images)


Welcome to Era of the Ninja.  A fast paced board game where players take on the role of one of thirty unique ninja in an attempt to defeat one of twenty four nefarious lords. 


Players will have to explore the castle in search of the lord, but will need to be wary of his minions.  Players are welcome to sneak past or attack the minions, but must survive to find and defeat the lord. 


Each player is able to find help in the various weapon, item, and skills that they start with, and are able to locate more along the way.


Players are welcome to cooperate or battle each other as the victory goes to the player that defeats the lord.


This game includes basic rules, advanced rules, and seven modes of play. 


For a copy of the rulebook, click the link below.

The Ninja


The Lords

(Scroll through and click on each image for the name and a brief description.)