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Post GenCon 2016 Wrap Up

Once again another GenCon has passed and another great time was had by all.

It was amazing to see all the support out there in the gaming community for Era of the Ninja and the interest in Monster Exodus and the Kami and Mahou expansion for EotN.

I truly enjoyed seeing my #1 fan again! He has been excited and supportive of the Era of the Ninja line since I started visiting GenCon, and I hope to see him again next year!

I was glad to meet many players of the game and listen to there joy of the game and insight into things that they would like to see in the upcoming expansion.

I was delighted to meet so many new faces that played the game for the first time and enjoy it as much as I do!

I would like to also do an official shout out to all the volunteers that helped with running my games and tending to the booth. I could not have survived this GenCon without them!

With that said, it is not a time for rest but a time to return to working on the upcoming games! I hope to bring much more to next year's convention!

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