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Almost to GenCon 2017

Apologies for the silence over the last several weeks. We have been diligently working behind the scenes with preparation work for the big convention.

If you are planning to attend, we will be in booth 1839.

This year, we will be running more games of our Era of the Ninja board game, full demos of the Kami and Mahou expansion, and sessions of the Era of the Ninja: RPG. Stop by and try one out!

Progress on the new games:

The Era of the Ninja: Kami and Mahou Expansion is progressing. I am currently working on gathering art assets for the various Ninja. we are boasting a new 16 Ninja for players and generating art assets has taken some time.

I hope to show off the new artist designs at the convention.

I am still missing artwork for the various lords and some new item cards to be added to the game. Once I gather the remaining assets, I plan to run a Kickstarter, not before. I want to be as close to production ready before asking for your assistance. This will minimize the time between your payment and receiving your product.

The previous Kickstarter lasted longer than I had hoped and I want to prevent the long wait between your purchase and the delivery of your product. I'm hoping to have a six month to one year maximum fulfillment time instead of the one-and-a-half years of before.

The Era of the Ninja: RPG is moving at a nice pace. We have run multiple play tests and the rules seem to be solid at this point. The game is fully compatible with the board game and we will have all of the characters in the base game available for play at our sessions. If you have a favorite character, let us know and we will have them available for you at the convention.


The next posts we are planning will be from the convention. I hope to have some pictures and updated information!

Hope to see your there!

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