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The Journey Ahead

Now is the time for us to reflect back upon the player's input and try to improve upon what we have.

The next week or two will involve going over notes from the various attendees from GenCon and seeing what I can do to make needed changes to upcoming games.

This means that I will be spending time looking at all of the Magic and Spirits to see what worked and what did not. This means possible updates to text or overall re-writes of the cards.

Overall I am pleased to see that the addition of the Kami and Mahou enhanced the game play and was not difficult to learn. Game play at the convention with rules explained averaged around 90 minutes a game.

The rules are looking good, but could still use some improvements.

Once I feel comfortable with the cards, I will start focusing on the next major component I would like to add, traps.

Monster Exodus is looking much better than before and is starting to play much smoother. I need to modify the phases of game play a little and revisit the text on the cards. Once that is finished, another round of play testing will commence.

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