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The Elements and the Kami

In the Realm of Man, there are five main elements that helped to craft the world. Each element is a part of the other, yet is unique. Each element works with the others, yet fights the others. Each of these five elements were used by the Heavens to create the Realm of Man.

Earth - Defense/Protection - The element of restricting harmful things and defending the world. When in abundance, righteousness is protected, and the other elements are kept in check. When in absence, the other elements run rampant and are difficult to control.

Fire - Destruction/Change - The element with fierce emotions and ever changing presence. When in abundance, the world is continually altering its form, commonly associated with destruction. While in absence, alteration is stagnate.

Metal - Offense/Attack - The element of progress, pushing boundaries, and finding new paths. When in abundance great forces push against limits and seek to expand. In absence, expansion is contained and limited

Water - Fluidity/Movement - The element of constant motion. When in abundance, things are flowing. In absence, the world around slows to a stop.

Wood - Nurturing/Growth - The element that watches over life and grants sustenance. When in abundance, life around is healthy and strong. When in absence, plagues and death thrive.

Each of the elements works with the others in the following relationships:

The outer ring shows which elements work well with one another and what they evolve to when in harmony. In inner arrows show the internal conflicts between elements.

Earth becomes hard and forms metal. From metal, condensation occurs and water is found. From water, wood grows. From wood, fire is created. In the wake of fire, earth is found.

Those elements on the opposing sides often have difficulties. Earth likes to maintain the status quo and keep the resources that it has, so the motion of water and nurturing of newer elements is often confusing. Metal likes to make cold calculated progress at a preferred pace and doesn't like to chaos of fire, nor the slow growth of wood. Water enjoys a constant motion, and abhors earth's restrictive nature and fires chaotic patterns. Wood likes to nurture newcomers and make progress at a slow and regular rate, disagreeing with the limiting nature of earth and the cold calculating ways of metal. Fire enjoys constant change in all things and is willing to settle when abundant resources are found. The ways of metal are confusing as they always move in the same direction and water is boring as it never settles for anything.

Within the Kami and Mahou expansion, each of the kami has a direct relation to at least one element and the more powerful spirits have multiple elements.

During any given mission in the expansion, there are only five seats for the kami to use. When a spirit enters play, the spirit will look for an open space among their preferred element or elements, choosing one if available. If there are any conflicts, such as all of the elemental openings are taken, then a conflict occurs.

Conflicts will be discussed in the next post, along with the hierarchy of the realms.


Now for some common spirits of the realm:

Tanuki- The playful trickster merchant

Commonly referred to as raccoons, tanuki are playful by nature and enjoy good times. They like to overindulge themselves and often perform jokes and tricks at the expense of others in the name of humor.

They have a fondness for sake and shiny things, which are common to the world of man. They do not mean ill intent upon others and are willing to trade for the various things that they want. They are not the brightest, though and can be often tricked out of their belongings.

Each tanuki has an affinity to a single element and only travels with things of this type. Tanuki merchants of metal prefer to carry weapons for trade, while those of wood prefer to offer healing items.

These merchants like to trade with crafty players and are willing to offer their selection to those interested, so they can continue their fun. Players may spend their hard earned ingenuity to acquire a things from the merchants inventory.

These merchants are not the brightest though and can be tricked out of their goods. A player willing to trick a tanuki may be lucky enough to leave with the item of their choosing, but if the tanuki realizes there is a trick, then punishment for the player will ensue.


Kitsune- The romantic trickster

Also known as fox-spirits, they are often used as messengers between celestial beings due to their craftiness and speed. When not in the employ of others, these tricksters tend to enjoy things of the romantic nature. They tend to entertain themselves by playing with the heartstrings of others.

These spirits love a good romance and often use it to distract others as part of their entertainment. They will participate in romantic acts or lewd and bawdy behavior to entertain themselves.

Unfortunately for those around, this can be dangerous as the kitsune will create difficult distractions when concentration is needed. They often target the most visible target, as they are the easiest prey.

The player with the lowest Shadow score each round is the target of the kitsune. Dependent on the element of the spirit's preference determines how the fox with treat the player. Some kitsune prefer to target male characters, some female, and some just don't care about the gender.

Those that meet the interests of the kitsune will be forced to miss their next turn. If the player does not meet the interest, then the player will be asked for a target and a stack of the player's choosing will miss their next turn.


In the next post, the hierarchy of the realms will be discuss in detail, along with conflicts among the kami. Two new kami will also be mentioned as oni and bakemono will be introduced.

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