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Spirits of the dead

Welcome back and on to another great year!

This week's post will be short and will introduce the last common kami, the Ikiryo.

We will restart our weekly posts and hope to have a more regular schedule of a new post every Monday instead of the semi- random posts every week or every other week. There is a lot going on in the background and I hope to mention some of the neat things we are working on in the near future. Keep you eyes on these posts for more information.


Ikiryo - The Hungry Ghosts

Ikiryo - These are the spirits of the dead with wants and needs unfulfilled. They had a gluttonous or greedy life and continue their ways after death with their hunger intensified. They seek to drain the area of what they hunger and care little for anything else.

In the upcoming expansion, when an Ikiryo enters play, they will remove a given element from play. Any player attempting to use an attribute linked to the given element will be hindered and using magic with the given element will be impossible.

Player able to remove these spirits from play will be rewarded dependent upon the element for which the spirits hungered.


Mahou (aka. Magic)

Next week, we will introduce the Mahou (Magic) system. The ways of magic in the world of Era of the Ninja add an additional play style and new ways to handle the various challenges in the world.

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