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Magic and the Ninja

Magic in its purest form is the energy of each of the five elements. It can be found throughout the five realms and even within the Void. It flows throughout all things and ignores the barriers between the realms.

Since magic is the energy of each of the elements, these energies are in abundance where the element is predominate and scarce where the element is in absence.

Each elemental energy is unique in its form and abilities, but can be melded with other elements to create new traits and special abilities.

By manipulating these energies, one is able to cast magic. Due to the uniqueness of each elemental energy, most that use magic are limited to one or two elements of expertise.

In the expansion, there will be at least 25 magic spells for players to use. Five of these spells will be limited to a single element, while the other 20 will have access to two elements. Some of the mahou will have the same two element combination, but will be different in ability as they have a different starting element.

A player will be limited, by default, to using only spells that contain their Ninja's element or elements. The player will need to match only a single element listed on the spell to be able to use the mahou. If the Ninja does not have any of the elements listed, then they will need to find an alternate method to access the spell.

Next week we will discuss mahou in greater detail and show several mahou cards.

In the meantime, here is another kami from the expansion.



The kami of magic and medicine, this being likes to open the ways of magic and medicine to all that are willing to learn.

Okuninushi has a large library of knowledge that he likes to share. He often travels the realms looking for students to train.

He has been known to take on the form of a hare.

In the expansion, while Okuninushi is in play, players will have access to all elements and will be able to cast all magic without restrictions.

Okuninushi will also allow players to use a new ability on their turn, Medicine. Players will be able to restore two lost points from either Wounds or Ki, or a single Wound and a single Ki instead of using Move, Sprint, or Hide.

While it may not seem like much, this ability is not considered a Move or Attack action and allows the player to regain a Wound and Ki during the recovery phase if the player did not move during the Move phase.

By using this action and not moving, a player could potentially regain up to 3 Wounds and a Ki, 3 Ki and a Wound, or 2 Wounds and 2 Ki during that round.


Next week will continue the information on magic and will also display a card from the upcoming expansion, with a breakdown of its layout.

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