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The Two Directions of Magic

For every spell a ninja has access, there are two directions they can direct the power towards: Internal and External.

Magic that is cast internally is directed solely at the caster. The elemental power drawn upon is used to boost the caster's abilities in some manner. Internal magics can be maintained for long periods of time, but require the caster dedicate a part of themselves to maintain the energies.

Magic that is used externally is directed away from the caster. Some of these spells are able to be directed at units or groups, while others effect large areas. These spells are instantaneous and the energies dissipate shortly after casting.

In the expansion, each Mahou card will have the following traits:

  1. The name of the spell in English.

  2. The name of the spell in Kanji and Romanji (Japanese).

  3. The elements associated with the spell.

  4. The effects of casting the spell internally.

  5. The effects of casting the spell externally.

  6. The location for the ki that must be reserved to use the internal version of the spell.

As mentioned earlier, every spell has a cost.

When using mahou internally, the user must take a point of ki from their reserve and place it on the Mahou card. This ki represents the bond with the elements and shows everyone the internal spells that the player has active. The point of ki is not permanent and may be taken from the spell at any point to be used as normal, but once removed, the spell is no longer active and any benefits are lost.

When casting mahou externally, the caster is releasing the elemental spirits upon the world around them. They must spend a point of ki to keep the bond with the spirits or else they will leave, forcing the player to lose the spell. Players that do not spend a point of ki when casting a mahou must discard the card after the card is resolved as the elemental spirits flee the area.


In the upcoming weeks, we will be introducing more of the kami in the upcoming expansion especially those that deal with magic.


Please note that the card art is not final and names and abilities shown may not be the same in the final release of the game.


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