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Void and Thunder

In the coming weeks, we will be looking two named spirits at a time and discuss their roll in the expansion.


Amatsu Mikaboshi

Enter the God of Chaos. Born from the Void, he is one of the few beings able to understand and fully control the primordial powers of the Void.

This being has a true hatred for the Celestial Order as it was cast back into the Void originally for defying the will of the Heavens. Angry with banishment, Amatsu Mikaboshi found a way back and created great havoc upon the realms. This powerful deity was cast out a second time, causing Hell to be created.

Weakened from the second banishment, Amatsu Mikaboshi returns to the realms for brief visits to test the forces of the Heavens and plant seeds of chaos where possible.

In the game, this being is dangerous and unpredictable for all in play. At the start of each round before a new kami is drawn, the Lead Ninja will roll a Ninja die and determine the current actions of Amatsu Mikaboshi. This being could cause damage to all players, eliminate a stack from play, or even remove an existing kami from play. If the players are lucky, Amastu Mikaboshi leave.

Regardless of what happens, when this deity enters play, the players should be wary.



One of the spirits of Thunder, this Kami likes to fight and prefers the use of swords and hands.

This being was able to gain control of the realm of Man through the use of martial combat, which is attributed to the be the first sumo match. He was also able to vanquish Amatsu Mikaboshi during the second arrival.

When Takemikazuchi is in play, he rewards those that follow his fighting methods by empowering their attacks with lightning. Players and units that use swords gain Attack +1 and deal an additional point of damage. Players and units that use no weapons gain Attack +2 and deal two additional points of damage.


Next week will introduce two more of the named kami and mention how they will affect game play.

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