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Kami of Natural Disasters

This week we will look at two spirits that are able to deal with large scale power and control natural disasters. They are not evil in nature but have control over powerful forces that are known to do mass destruction.


Nai No Kami

Controller of the mightiest earthquake catfish, this being is able to determine when, where, and the magnitude of earthquakes.

Under the land lives a mighty catfish, that when it stirs, causes mighty earthquakes.

To quell the uncontrolled earthquakes, Nai No Kami placed a sword through the earth into the catfish's head. By moving this sword, Nai No Kami gained control over the catfish, thus gaining control over earthquakes.

Nai No Kami uses the power of earthquakes, mostly for personal reasons, but has been know to do work for the Heavens upon request.

Nai No Kami has been know to help out those in need with this power. Poor farming villages with horrible soils have been converted to fertile lands via this power. Sometimes poor fishing villages had their barren regions turned into popular fishing areas via these shifts.

Nai No Kami has also used the power to destroy kingdoms and turn fertile lands to desolate wastelands.

It is often difficult to determine the purpose of these quakes until after they have happened, making this kami difficult to predict.

In game terms, when Nai No Kami enters play, the playing field is to be changed. While he is active all Move values are reduced by one, and at the end of each Round of Play, Nai No Kami eliminates one tile from play. The tile is turned face down and all players and units on the tile are eliminated. Movement onto or through this destroyed tile is prohibited.

After a number of rounds, Nai No Kami will leave play and grant the surviving players Ingenuity.

With this kami in play, the Ninja will have to Move quickly or be buried in the carnage.



The kami of whirlwinds and tsunami, this

being is able to create massive destruction through the power of wind.

Haya-Ji protects the lands from foreign invaders, while also punishing the wicked by destroying their kingdoms.

The power of wind is difficult to control and sometimes bystanders are caught in the destruction. Often while destroying an evil kingdom, several neighboring cities and villages have been destroyed.

Many deem this kami's presence as an ill

omen, though the intentions are pure.

In game terms, when Haya-Ji is in play, Ranged Attacks cannot be made, because the winds are too powerful. Also, Move values are reduced by one, as movement between tiles is difficult when heavy winds are constantly blowing.


Next week will introduce two more kami and how they affect play!

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