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The Sun and the Moon

Just as a heads up, after this post, there will be no new post until the week of March 27th. Convention season is starting up and Mythical Eras of War, Games, LLC. will start attending the various conventions starting with the smaller WittCon at Wittenberg University and slowing down after GenCon 2017. We will need this time for preparing for convention season.

Do not worry though, as there will be some big and exciting announcements for the company in the weeks to come. We hope to have some information about some of the fun projects that we have been working towards.

In the meantime, here are two more Kami from the upcoming expansion for Era of the Ninja.



The goddess of the Sun and Universe, Amaterasu is sister to Tsukiyomi.

She was granted control over the Heavens and was partially responsible for the creation of the lands.

She tends to the Heavens, maintaining purity and order while keeping peace throughout her lands.

When Amaterasu is looking over an area, true peace can be found. Predators will stop hunting prey. Oni and bakemono will behave. Few beings dare fight or cause trouble in her presence.

In game terms, when Amaterasu is in play, the Lord's units will no longer move or fight as to avoid upsetting the sun goddess. Players are free to move about without fear. The instant a player is killed via a persistent effect or attempts to attack a target, then Amaterasu flees the field bolstering all units for the remainder of the game.

Please note that while Amaterasu is in play, players are not able to gain ingenuity. Since the enemy is not actively searching or fighting, it is difficult to gain rewards for hiding and fighting.



The Moon god, Tsukiyomi is the ruler of the night. While darkness and slumber are the main elements under his control, he also enjoys pranks and practical jokes.

Unfortunately, he does not know limits and was prevented from visiting the day for a while due to a possible prank on his sister.

Due to his mischievous nature, when Tsukiyomi enters play, and intense game of Hide-and-Seek begins. Those that are hidden gain double the standard Ingenuity for hiding. Those that are visible suffer a Wound. As long as one player remains hidden from the Lord's units each round, Tsukiyomi will continue his game. Once all players are found, he becomes bored and leaves play.

The longer that Tsukiyomi remains in play, the larger the potential for gain, but also the higher the potential for harm for those unable to hide.


As mentioned earlier, there will be no new post until after March 27th. Afterwards though, we do hope to bring big news about upcoming things from our company.

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