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The Forge and Basics

Welcome to another post from Mythical Eras of War, Games, LLC. This week we will be looking at the god of the forge for the Kami and Mahou expansion to the Era of the Ninja Board game and will be discussing some details about the upcoming RPG.



The god of the forge, Amatsumara,

is a powerful blacksmith. He toils

night and day working on various weapons and armors, keeping the armies of the celestial forces armed. His creations are sought by the mightiest of deities.

Amatsumara does not stay in the heavens though, as he often travels to the mortal realm to train new craftsmen and seek new challenges for his skill. He often finds enjoyment in training newcomers with the heart of fire and desire for the work of the forge. Those that meet his interests are rewarded with knowledge beyond what most can obtain.

In term of the expansion, when Amatsumara is present, players will have to be careful with their weapons. Poor attacks and bad strategies with break their current gear leaving the player without a weapon. If a player is able to get this master's attention, then the character will be rewarded with a superior quality weapon.


Concepts of the RPG

People have started asking about the RPG and wondering what is going to be included and what is not. While some concepts and ideas are still floating, I can discuss what has been determined and is currently set.

First, the RPG is going to be compatible with the board game. Players will be able to take their favorite characters from the board game and expansion and use them within the RPG, and create new characters and use the characters with the board game.

The RPG will not concentrate solely on Ninja. This game is going to take place during the time when the mythical Ninja was prominent and prestigious, but allow players multiple options. The player can take on the role of a powerful Samurai warrior, a mystical mountain top Monk, a magical spell-wielding Shugenja, a divine Priest, or temple guardian Miko. The player could choose a more mundane class with a crafty but poor Peasant, a tricky and wealthy Merchant, or wise and powerful Bureaucrat.

The game will not concentrate only on the Realm of Man. While the Realm of Man is where most of the board games currently reside, there are many stories to tell of players traveling between the various realms and lands in search of honor and adventure.

Humans are not the only race. As mentioned before, there are currently 20+ races. Players can be members of mankind, but can also pick a trickster such as a Kitsune or Tanuki. They can choose magical creatures such as the sly and cunning cat-like Bakeneko, or the powerful dog-like Inugami. Hell beings like the mighty Oni or the crafty Bakemono are options. These are just a few of the playable options, with more to be discussed in upcoming posts.

We hope to be able to elaborate more in the future posts as we go into more details about each of these topics as we start to finalize ideas.


Next week another deity from the expansion will be reveled and we will start looking at the various playable races in more detail.

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