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The Plague God and the Spirit Beings

This week we are going to look at the spirit of plagues for the Kami and Mahou expansion for the Era of the Ninja board game and begin discussing some of the Spirit races in the Roleplaying game.



Little is known about this being as few survive its presence. This being brings with it pestilence, plague, disease, and death.

No one that has spent any amount of time researching this creature has returned. Even beings of the Heaven and Hell realms are not immune to its abilities.

Medicines and prayers are the only things that seem to hinder the creature and force it to flee.

In the expansion, Ekibiogami has two frightening effects upon all units and players on the board. All units and players suffer a Wound at the start of their turn and the Recovery phase is skipped.

Fortunately though, when Ekibiogami enters play, the players gain a new action, Medicine. This action allows players the ability to attempt to heal themselves on their turn. They must roll a die for results. If a player rolls well enough, then they are able to scare away this being and retain the Medicine skill as their reward.


Races of the Realm of Spirits (Part 1)


These are beings that commonly reside in the realm of spirits. They have the ability to travel between realms and often take time to trick and prank the denizens of the Man realm. Their favorite prey are humans, though the brave ones will try to prank the other races in the realm. Each one of these races have the ability to change their form, which makes them difficult to spot unless the viewer knows what to seek.

Bakeneko are the two tail cats of the realm. They are generally playful in nature and tend to practice magic. They rarely harm the other races and usually seek to trick their prey into arrangements of food and housing. They are overly cautious and flee once discovered.

Kamitachi or Kama-wielding fire ferrets or weasels are the most secretive of the tricksters. Little is know of them other than they wield Kama and can use fire powers. They tend to attack their foes, causing injury, but no bleeding or pain. They leave a scar where they strike which causes a minor inconvenience at best. Their fire power usually is displayed in the form of mighty fire pillar, which is assumed to consume the creature as it vanishes after use.

Kitsune or fox-spirits are the most common and widely known trickster. They tend to prey on the other races in an amorous manner. Their original form is that of a fox with zero to nine tails, displaying their piety and status. Those with fewer tails are wild and volatile, while those with more tails are calm, subdued, and wise. These spirits are also used by denizens of the realms to deliver important messages.

Mujina or badger-spirits tend to enjoy scaring the other races. They enjoy causing fear in others, but more of a harmless prank than of malicious intent. Their preferred method of fear is to trick one to get close, then appear as a faceless being. Little else is know of these spirits as they tend to hide from the other races when not performing their pranks.

Nekogami or cat people or one-hundred year old Bakeneko. These tricksters tend to be more malicious in nature as they have perfected their use of magics. They look down on most of the other races as they think their mastery of magic makes them superior. They tend to hide in highly populated areas to mask their presence from others while further perfecting their arts.

Tanuki or raccoon-spirits are the most playful of the tricksters. They are looking for a laugh though the use of light hearted antics or pranks. They are quite fond the the things created from the realm of man, especially the sake. Tanuki are mostly honest by nature and love to trade for their wanted goods. Through their constant desire and frequent trading, many become master merchants.


Next week shall introduce another kami for the EotN: Kami and Mahou expansion and introduce another set of spirits for the Roleplaying game.

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