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Poverty and the Undead

This week we are going to look at the spirit of poverty for the Kami and Mahou Expansion for the Era of the Ninja board game and the undead races in the Era of the Ninja: RPG.



This spirit bring with it poverty and misfortune. It wonders about the country side looking for a place to rest. Those few that are foolish enough to grant the being's wish, suffer all forms of misfortune, but the most popular of which is poverty.

Bimbogami can be warded off through the use of rice. The purity of the grain cause the creature great discomfort. Houses that place clean rice out front are immune to the presence of this spirit, and offing the creature a small amount will force the creature to flee.

In the game, when Bimbogami enters play, all Ingenuity gains are reduced. Players can defeat units and not gain any Ingenuity. All die rolls also treat results of 2 as a Total Failure.

To remove this troublesome creature, a player needs to offer it a rice ball from their inventory. A player that does so increases all Ingenuity gains for the remainder of the game.


Races of the Realm of Spirits (Part 2)

The Undead

Not all creatures from the realm of Spirits reside within their realm. The undead are beings that once resided on the realm of Man, but died, were cursed, or underwent some horrible trauma to force them to remain within the realm of Man. These creatures are considered unnatural and often feed off others to maintain their energy.

Kyonshi or "Hopping Vampire" are the most dangerous of the Undead. They are able to detect their prey through their breath and are very patient. These spirits were cursed by various powerful beings as a punishment for some ancient transgression. Once locked away in ancient tomes, these creatures have been recently released due to someone opening their prison. Once released, they hunger for the blood of the living, hopping across the countryside in search of victims.

Nukekubi or "Floating Head People" consist of a head and internal organs. They do not have a natural body or skin and must seek out the freshly deceased to use as their body. The body, not their own, slowly decomposes over time and a new one must be found. A skilled Nukekubi can keep their body alive and hidden for months or years, while the foolhardy must replace their body frequently.

Undying are the least dangerous of the undead as they are normally spirits of individuals that lost their body or are unaware of their death. They did not have much of a presence in life and were not watched by the Celestial Bureaucracy. They tend to maintain their standard habits as long as they are allowed. Only a few ever go adventuring, as a major change in their afterlife needs to occur to force them to leave their homes.

Youma or "Vengeful Spirits" are created upon the death of an individual through traumatic events. These beings remain in existence to perform vengeance upon their killers or those thought responsible for the actions causing their death. Once they achieve their goal, their purpose is fulfilled and they fade out of existence.


Next week shall introduce another kami for the EotN: Kami and Mahou expansion and introduce the final set of spirits for the Roleplaying game.

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