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The Little Man and the Monsters

This week we introduce the smallest of the named kami, Sukunabiko for the Kami and Mahou expansion and the Monster races for the Era of the Ninja: RPG.


Sukuna Biko

This tiny man of renown is famous for his knowledge of agriculture and medicines. His stature is small enough to ride a leaf down a river and ride a moth as a mount.

This tiny being enjoys adventure and helping those in need, especially when disease, blights, and droughts are involved. He loves to helps the poor and downtrodden.

Sukuna Biko is a known enemy of Ekibiogami and has been trying to stop the plague being, with some success. While Sukuna Biko has been able to ward off the being and cure those after they are affected, he has not stopped the creature or found a way to fully prevent the plagues it causes.

With his knowledge of medicine also comes a knowledge of agriculture. He is knowledge in the field is rumored to be the best. When he is not fighting Ekibiogami, he can be found in the fields helping teach new farmers and improving the techniques of veteran farmers.

In the Kami and Mahou expansion, this little man brings with him the knowledge of medicine. Players gain the Medicine action which allows them to attempt to remove some of the new status effects such as Poison and Disease and heal lost Wounds. Units are able to remove any bad status effect during the Recovery phase. Sukuna Biko also scares away Ekibiogami if already in play and prevents the arrival of the spirit.


Races of the Realm of Spirits (Part 3)


Monsters are the beings that have an appearance that frightens most in the Realm of Man. They are alien in appearance, compared to the fuzzy and cute Tricksters, and not members of the Undead races. There are often misunderstandings between these beings and members of the Realm of Man due to this difference.

Kappa or "Turtle Men" are mostly aquatic in nature and have a bowl of water in their head. They need to have water in the bowl at all time or they become paralyzed. These beings like to hide in rivers and will attack passerby's when hungry. They can be appeased by offering freshly cut fruit or vegetables before crossing a river or taking a swim.

Samebito or "Shark Men" have thick hides, sharp teeth, and inky skin. Despite their appearance, then are generally friendly and mostly harmless. There is a common rumor that Samebito are able to cry jewels and gems, which causes them to be hunted by the races of Man. The Samebito tend to dislike combat and therefore avoid areas where the races of Man can be found. Though most are known for their peaceful nature, there are some notorious members of their race known to sink fishing vessels, causing tension.

Tengu or "Bird People" come in three varieties, the Playful Goblin, the Weapon Master, and the Keepers-of-All-Knowledge.

The Playful Goblin variety are small in stature and tend to be more like the Trickster races and like to pull pranks on the members of the Realm of Man. Their pranks tend to be more malicious though and often cause harm or even death for the unsuspecting. These little guys are the smallest of the three types and are often looked down on by the others for their pranks.

The Weapon Masters are closer to man in size and spend all of their available time training with a weapon of their choosing. They tend to find secluded places to practice to avoid distraction. They have been know to take in other races and train those that show promise with a weapon skill.

The Keepers-of-All-Knowledge tend to be old and extremely obese. Their size is only matched by their knowledge. While they cannot move on their own, they tend to enjoy a good party and the other Tengu will often entertain these notions. They are often well guarded as the Tengu do not like outsiders talking with these knowledgeable beings.


Next week we will introduce another Kami for the board game expansion and the races of the realm of Way and Heaven for the Roleplaying Game.

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